Healthy Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Made the Healthy Way

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Hot chocolate is probably my favorite comfort drink out there. It is something I love to have, especially in the winter and the colder months. I feel comforted when I drink it and it is a happy reminder of my childhood, when I would sip it with marshmallows. The only difference between then and now is this recipe is from scratch and I think all the hot chocolate I enjoyed as a kid was from a box mixture. Read more

A Year Without Made in China | Book Review

Made in China – Book Review on A Year Without Made in China

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I have known for a while that many of the goods Americans purchase are made in China. Although I knew the importance of trying to buy locally, I thought you had to be a wealthy person to be able to avoid purchasing goods from China. In A Year Without Made in China, Sara Bongiorni demonstrates that even the average American can achieve the goal of purchasing everything you need without buying Chinese made goods. Read more