How to Spend More Time Outdoors With Your Kids

Spend More Time Outdoors With Your Kids – How to Do It

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Since we moved to SC at the beginning of the pandemic, I have been striving to spend more time outdoors, especially for the benefit of our children. It was more challenging for me to spend more time outdoors in NC because of our neighborhood. We did not live close to a playground and there were no sidewalks in our neighborhood. Now we are really blessed to live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, a playground and a pool. Read more

The Holy Family - Put a Consecrated Image in Your Home!

The Holy Family – Put a Consecrated Image in Your Home!

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Recently, I read about the importance of placing a blessed image or statue of the Holy Family in your home in a prominent place. I have wanted to have an image or even a statue of the Holy Family for a while. Usually, what holds me back is money. It can be expensive to invest in religious art and statues. I was pleased to find a place online that offered free images of the Holy Family to download. Read more

Weston A. Price Pregnancy and Nursing Diet

Pregnancy Diet: Weston A. Price Diet for Pregnant and Nursing Moms

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Have you thought what the most optimal pregnancy diet is? I can attest that it is the Weston A. Price recommended diet for pregnant and nursing mothers. It has the most nourishing foods to help to support the development of an unborn baby. Both of my children are very healthy. I attribute this in great part due to my diet for years before becoming pregnant and for my diet during pregnancy and after. Read more