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Before Five in a Row Homeschooling Book Review

Before Five in a Row | Homeschooling Book Review

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Before Five in a Row is actually the first homeschooling book I purchased for my preschooler this year. I first heard about it through my homeschooling groups. Other moms highly recommended it and I knew I had to check it out. We started using the book over the summer before we started our homeschooling year.

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Before Five in a Row Content

Before Five in a Row is written by Claire Jane Lambert. There are at least 3 other books in the series meant for older children. Before Five in a Row is aimed towards 2 to 4 year olds. The book is divided into 2 parts. Part one has sections for several classic books, including many different activities, discussion topics and observations about the books. Part two is all about creative ideas for learning readiness.

Before Five in a Row – Part One

Some of the books in part one include Goodnight Moon, Katy No-Pocket, The Snowy Day, Caps for Sale, The Runaway Bunny and Blueberries for Sal. Each book section is broken down into subjects, although the subjects are not always the same. Some books may contain math or science and others may be more focused on language arts activities. The subjects may include a bible section, music, drama, memory, rhyme, science, art, poetry, sayings and math.

Before Five in a Row – Part Two

The second section of Before Five in a Row includes many creative ideas for learning readiness. Some of these include ideas for hand games, singing, music, dancing, making musical instruments, drama, make believe, puppets and puppet shows. Another area of the second part of the book includes coordination. This can include the crab walk, hopping, skipping, galloping, and playing with balls. This is just a limited list as I will not give everything away about this book. There are explanations with each idea on how to implement them with your child and accompanying activities. 

Another area is all about small motor control, which includes threading and lacing, puzzles, sorting games, and clay and dough. Other areas part two explores is bath time, the kitchen/cooking, shopping at the store and toys.


Overall, I will say that this is an excellent book to use with your preschool age child. It is very comprehensive and uses many classic children’s picture books to digest and explore. The activities and discussion topics suggested makes the books more interesting and really makes them come alive. The only thing I will say against this book is it is probably best used as a curriculum by itself. I tried using it in combination with the main preschool homeschooling curriculum I am using for my oldest, and it is a little overwhelming. This book is wonderful if you are looking for some structure with your preschooler and if you do not want to use a regimented curriculum for your child.

Before Five in a Row Homeschooling Book Review

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