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A Year Without Made in China | Book Review

Made in China – Book Review on A Year Without Made in China

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I have known for a while that many of the goods Americans purchase are made in China. Although I knew the importance of trying to buy locally, I thought you had to be a wealthy person to be able to avoid purchasing goods from China. In A Year Without Made in China, Sara Bongiorni demonstrates that even the average American can achieve the goal of purchasing everything you need without buying Chinese made goods. Read more

Homeschooling With Gentleness Catholic Unschooling Book Review

Homeschooling With Gentleness Book Review

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Homeschooling is something I have been researching and contemplating for years now, especially since becoming a mother. Raising my children to be healthy is important to me, but bringing them up to love and adore their Catholic faith is even more important to me! I am excited to share with you my review of Homeschooling With Gentleness by Suzie Andres. This particular book is an unschooling book. Read more