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Catholic Easter Basket Ideas for 2022

Catholic Easter Basket Ideas for 2022

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I am sharing Catholic Easter basket ideas that are mostly focused on the Catholic faith. Like Christmas, Easter has become very commercialized. It is very unfortunate, but it is the reality we live in. That being said, we do not have to go along with the norm.


Catholic books are especially great Catholic Easter basket gifts, in my opinion. Depending on the ones you choose, they can teach specifically about the resurrection or about the Catholic faith in general. I chose Our Lady’s Wardrobe and The Weight of a Mass for my preschooler and Angel in the Waters and Our Lady’s Picture Book for my younger daughter. The Weight of a Mass and Angel in the Waters are on my daughter’s homeschooling curriculum. I thought Angel in the Waters was a great book for my younger daughter because we will have a new baby in our family soon. Another idea is to get children’s bibles for your kids. We already have a collection, so I won’t be doing this.

Catholic Easter Basket Ideas: Paper Dolls

I discovered these paper dolls on Etsy. They are not only affordable, but I love that there are so many Catholic saints and even angels to choose from.

Catholic Easter Basket Ideas: Food Ideas

Since I am very health conscious, I prefer to buy healthier snacks for my kids, even on special occasions. Ideas include beef jerky, larabars, and kombucha.

Catholic Easter Basket Ideas: Candy/Chocolate

I even try to purchase chocolate and/or candy that has no additives and that has organic ingredients. This is a great brand of chocolate and this is a great alternative to Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Let me know in the comments what your Catholic Easter basket ideas are!

In conclusion, I think that we as Catholics and Christians need to get away from the mainstream ideas like the peeps, gobs of candy and toys for Easter. We as the parents of our children have the primary responsibility of teaching our kids the faith. In my generation, I think a lot of our parents had the misconception that it is the Church’s responsibility or the school’s responsibility to instruct their kids in the faith. This is an unfortunate mistake. Even the catechism states that the parents have the primary responsibility of teaching their children in the Catholic faith. Sometimes, even in a Catholic school or church, errors can be taught about our faith. It is absolutely vital as parents that we step up and learn our faith well to be a great example to our children. As St. Francis of Assisi said “preach the gospel always and if necessary, use words!”. First, be a good example,  but then we need to be the primary teachers of our faith to our kids. 

Catholic Easter Basket Ideas for 2022

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