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Classic Children's Books Haul

Classic Children’s Books Haul

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I am obsessed with books. Since becoming a mom, I just love finding classic children’s books for my kids to read. Any book will not suffice, however. I do care about the quality of what I am reading to them.

I have been slowly accumulating classic children’s books over the past few years via gifts mostly. This year, I was able to take advantage of local book sales. It was a little bit of an investment, but it was worth it for my children’s education. I purchased several books for my oldest’s preschool curriculum this year.

Classic Children’s Books I Found

The Berenstain Bears, Best Friends for Francis, No Roses for Harry and Babar and His Children were some of the classic children’s books I was able to purchase at the book sale. It is so exciting for me to be able to read classic children’s books my mother read to me to my own children. For the full list, be sure to watch my YouTube video below.

One of the reasons I especially value reading and owning classic children’s books is because the content is so rich. Many of the books have valuable lessons in them and expose children to more complex word structure or to vocabulary they have not heard. I distance myself from certain books, especially modern ones, because they usually lack substance. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. If you are looking for good recommendations for modern children’s books, Sarah MacKenzie has high quality book lists on her website.

Where To Purchase

Below are places I recommend to buy used books if you are not able to find a local library book sale. Please consider purchasing via my eBay affiliate link below (I earn a small commission that will help support this blog and my family – also I am no longer linking to Amazon – watch why I don’t here): https://ebay.us/vaIg20







When I am looking for books to read or purchase for my children, I draw from these lists:

MODG Preschool Curriculum: https://modg.org/curriculum/syllabus/69

Mater Amabilis Preschool Curriculum: http://materamabilis.org/ma/prep/pre-k/

Sarah MacKenzie’s Read Aloud Revival: https://readaloudrevival.com/recommends/

My Homeschooling Curriculum Playlist on YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj0X7JdHxq37aegMxQZZmR3L3q7h0csQi

Classic Children's Books Haul

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