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Grow Garlic and Onions With Me!

Grow Garlic and Onions With Me!

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With rising food costs and inflation, growing more of our own food has been on my mind. I know it has been on a lot of people’s minds too. I wanted to grow garlic and onions first, since they are pretty easy to grow. This week, I started planting onions and began the process of growing garlic as well.

If you are looking to purchase garlic sets, I found this website or you could see if your local Walmart carries them. I bought a set of 3 bulbs for $3.24 before tax. For onion bulbs, the same website carries them or you could also see if Walmart carries them near you. A set of 100 bulbs was also $3.24 before tax.

Grow Garlic and Onions


I have learned that if you start to grow garlic too late in the season, you will need to winterize them first. The method is to put potting soil in a gallon size zip top bag, separate the garlic cloves from the bulb with the skin still on and bury the garlic in the soil, leaving space between each clove. Seal the bag, making sure that every clove has space and is covered. Lay the bag flat in the freezer for 3 weeks, then place it flat in the refrigerator for one more week. This mimics what garlic would go through in the winter and the transition through the spring. It is then ready to plant.

Place each garlic clove in the soil, spacing them apart by at least 2 inches, root side down and pointy side up. It is best to follow the directions on the packet that you purchased.


I am not certain if onions also need to be winterized (please let me know in the comments if you know!). I planted the bulbs directly in a planter in potting soil. The bulbs need to be spaced at least 3-4 inches apart to grow large onions. I then watered them and will keep watering them daily unless it rains.

Please watch my video below to see the process.

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