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Healthy Halloween Options

Healthy Halloween Options

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Are you like me and strive to give your children the healthiest meal options every meal and snack? Some people might call me crazy, but I even care about having a healthy Halloween. Hear me out. I do not think that we should completely deprive our children from candy and sugar, but I do think that even when offering junk food, it is good to choose healthier ingredients. Our world is a broken world and there are all kinds of environmental factors and items masquerading as food to make us unhealthy. This is why I think it is best to choose organic and natural options, even with Halloween candy.

Healthy Halloween Options

If you want to make a switch from traditional Halloween candy directly to healthier options, Yum Earth has lollipops, licorice and fruit snacks that are all organic. Due to demand for organic and healthier options, there are many more healthy Halloween candy options than in the past. Check out my search for organic candy here. There are many chocolate are other candy options that are organic and natural than years before when I first starting eating healthy.

I am planning on handing out these gummies this year. We had them for a piñata and for party favors for our oldest’s birthday this year. Even though they are organic, I do not ever give these to my kids. I really do not see the point of giving them candy that is straight sugar, even candy that is organic and with better ingredients. I do allow them to eat dessert when we make it at home, or even outside of the home. We also have toys from the unused piñata that I plan to give out.

However, it is not every day. When I make dessert at home, I purchase the best quality ingredients we can afford. If we are making a cheesecake, for example, I purchase organic cream cheese and sour cream. The last time we made one, I even made our own sourdough graham crackers for the crust. My point is that you CAN have your cake and eat it too, just replace the ingredients in the recipe with the highest quality grass fed, organic ingredients you and your family can afford. If it calls for grains, beans, nuts and seeds, prepare them the proper way by soaking, souring and sprouting when possible.

Alternatives to Candy

Other healthy Halloween options would be to give out stickers, pencils, toys and honey sticks. In the past, people would sometimes even give out homemade treats. I do not bother doing this because I do not want my treats thrown in the trash. My mom always taught my siblings and I not to trust homemade treats. However, this would be a great option if you are having a party, or if your neighborhood is small enough that people trust and know you. I would love to hear from you and what your ideas for healthy Halloween candy and other options are! Let me know below in the comments.

Healthy Halloween Options

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