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Healthy Packaged Foods and Healthy Body Care

Healthy Packaged Foods and Healthy Body Care

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This week before I hit the road I picked up some items from my local health food store. I was looking for healthy snacks to bring along in case I run into a bad food situation. I also happened to come across some body care items that are not only non-toxic, but easily portable.

Healthy Packaged Foods

I have been trying the Go Raw products for a while now. I stuck to a more savory flavor because I try to keep my sugar content low in my diet. They have many other great flavors that taste like sweet very crunchy cookies.

The pizza flavor is pretty good, but it does not taste close to pizza. Justin’s Peanut Butter packets are great for a quick protein fix. They also sell almond butter packets.

Wild Planet has great canned seafood. They sell wild caught tunasalmonshrimp, dungeness crab and sardines. Their fish are 100% sustainably caught, have low amounts of mercury and high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.

A more recent statement from them says that they did third party testing and found trace amounts of BPA, so they no longer make the claim that they are “BPA free”. They now state that no BPA is used in their can lining. It is encouraging to know that they are so transparent about their labeling. It is of course best to eat everything fresh, but we aren’t always able to do that. To find out more, please read the statement by their president and founder here.

I decided to buy macaroons because they temporarily stave off my hunger. I thought the only ingredients were egg whites, honey and coconut. It turns out they have real cane sugar too. Bummer!

I thought it was strange how incredibly sweet they were with just honey after biting into one. I looked more closely at the label and discovered the rest of the ingredient list. This is not the worst thing I could have eaten, but after going so long without sugar, it was way too sweet for my taste!

Sunja’s Kimchi is my favorite kimchi by far! But then again, it has a lot of garlic flavor and I am part Italian :). As soon as I take a bite, I can feel it settling my stomach. Don’t be afraid to try it – I tried it when I was younger and was disgusted with it. Once I started eating traditional foods, I decided to try this brand and give it another shot. I instantly got hooked!

I think finding a good brand or recipe is important. Bragg’s Organic Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning is a great way of seasoning your food when eating out or traveling, especially if you have food allergies like me. I find many times when I order a dish at a restaurant “gluten free” and without sauces or dressings, the food can be bland.

Not only does the seasoning add great flavor, but it has kelp as the first ingredient! Using it even occasionally is a good way of ensuring you are getting iodine in your diet. This is one of my staples I am keeping with me on the road.

Healthy Body Care

Healthy Body Care

I have heard about using a shampoo bar to wash your hair, but have not tried it until a few days ago. The great thing about this bar is it is made the traditional way and it will not strip your hair its natural oils. Another benefit for the traveler is it is a solid. You do not have to think about another liquid to bring on the plane with you!

I usually only shampoo my hair a couple times a week and do not use conditioner too often. After I started swimming at the hotel pool, I noticed my hair and skin were getting really dry. I decided it was time for me to buy a conditioner for me to use while traveling. It took me a while to find a product that I completely approved of the ingredients list. I settled with Avalon Organics conditioner. It is very creamy and is non-toxic.

Lastly, I happened to come across a cocoa butter stick. It was near the makeup section of the store. I had never heard of this product and was pretty interested in it once I discovered it. The only ingredient is the name of the product itself: cocoa butter. It is literally a stick of cocoa butter. It is similar to a chapstick tube. I now keep it in my purse at all times. It is great because the skin on my hands started getting dry in the winter climate where I have been traveling.

I stopped using conventional lotion a while ago because of the parabens, phthalates and other chemicals found in it. This product is a great solution to dry hands without the cost of using regular lotion. It is inexpensive and a little goes a long way. I also can travel with it anywhere because it is not a liquid.

I hope you have found these product reviews helpful. What food and beauty products do you recommend to take on the road?


  1. Thanks for sharing these healthy snack ideas with us! I like that you told us the good and bad about the stuff you got and didn’t just list things that are “perfect” all around. It helps us to be aware of what is in all of the options and to weigh up and make good decisions. Good points!

  2. I love so many of these products and use a lot of them too. I love that cocoa butter and use it daily. Those pizza GoRaw snacks are pretty good too. My Tiny Love also loves those sardines. Thanks for sharing all of the ideas.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi Sarah! Love what you picked up and I see that we have similar taste in the snacks.

    Shampoo bars are good and convenient for travel.

    I am moving over to using more natural produtcts and 2 of my favorite hair care lines are Giovanni and Kinky-Curly. Definitely having these with me when I travel.

    Take care,

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