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My Top 8 Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is coming up really soon (next Sunday, May 8th)! Have you thought about what you are getting your mother? I have come up with a list of items I know that my mother would love and I’m sure a lot of other moms would too!

1. With summer just around the corner, it’s important to protect your skin the right way! Exposing your skin unprotected to the sun is a great way of getting Vitamin D. However, there is a delicate balance. You want to get the right amount without getting burned. Safe sunscreen to the rescue with Badger Sunscreen with an SPF of 30.

2. This wide brimmed hat is not only stylish, but will protect you from the sun when you need it. It also comes in a few different styles and colors.

Miessence Cleansing Bar Geranium





3. This pick is especially for my mom – the Miessence Geranium Cleansing Bar. One of her favorite gifts is a good natural soap. This one gently cleanses, hydrates and softens the skin.


4. Numi Organic Tea Collection – the collection includes white, black, pu-erh, green and herbal teasan. The tea is organic, non-gmo and the tea bags are biodegradable and compostable!

5. Sometimes mom needs a spa day. This Dead Sea Mud Mask will make her feel like she is at the spa without the price tag :). It is anti-aging, minimizes pores and pulls toxins out of the skin.

6. Don’t let your mom assume she is the best ;). Sometimes she needs a reminder with this World’s Best Mom coffee mug.

7. This Peace Lily is so beautiful, but it also has the wonderful benefit of filtering air pollution! This plant will brighten any room and remind your mom that it is springtime.

Mother's Day I Love You

8. This last one is the most important gift you can give to your mom: the gift of love! Show your mom that you love her by doing something nice for her or just simply tell her that you love her. Sometimes she just needs to hear it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

BONUS: Get her a non-toxic essential oil perfume instead of the toxic ones most women wear! The Pure Essence No.1 Frankincense from NYR Organic is wonderful and even lifts the spirits! This is a great gift for moms to smell good and feel luxurious. This perfume is safe to wear, unlike many commercial brands. Many of the common ingredients in other perfumes can disrupt hormones. Make sure mom is wearing a safe perfume this Mother’s Day!


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