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Natural Hair Care Routine

Natural Hair Care Routine

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I have tried all kinds of natural hair care routines in the past, but I think I found one that I really like. The “no poo” method was in my routine many years ago, but the baking soda was way too rough on my hair and I never felt like the baking soda washed out fully. In addition, I tried this natural shampoo bar, but was not crazy about the results. I have a great way of getting rid of dandruff here. Let’s dive in to what I am using now.

I have been using Wellnessee shampoo and conditioner for nearly 2 years. Although I am happy with the results, I wanted to try something more economical and that may even be better for my hair. I came across Marissa’s recipe for tallow shampoo bars from Bumblebee Apothecary last year. It was intriguing to find out her natural hair care routine and I wanted to try it myself as soon as I ran out of my current products. I was aware of the benefits of tallow for your skin, but I was not aware that it is also beneficial for your hair. She also has a few natural conditioner recipes, including rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar and water, as well as a coconut milk based conditioner. I plan on making the coconut milk conditioner recipe soon. My husband made me a whole set of tallow shampoo bars, which we are waiting a few more weeks to cure. I will let you know how I like the new routine.

In addition, I have been using a wet brush to brush my and my daughters’ hair for years. My hair stylist first clued me in years back when I said my oldest would not let me brush her hair and that I wanted a brush that would not mess up her curls. She said a wet brush would help to keep her curls and would not hurt her. It has helped a lot and is great at detangling hair.

Recently, I began using my boar bristle hair brush after I detangled with the wet brush. My husband kept telling me I need to use it to distribute the oils from my scalp down my hair and it would make my hair much nicer. I finally began adding it into my routine and our daughters’ and it has made a huge difference. Our hair is shinier, less tangled and we do not have to wash it as frequently, which is a huge bonus!

Let me know what you think of our natural hair care routine and if you have any helpful tips to add in the comments!

Natural Hair Care Routine

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