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Pregnancy Supplements I am Taking 3rd Baby

Natural Pregnancy Supplements

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If you did not see my last blog posts, you should know that I am pregnant again! I want to share with you the natural pregnancy supplements I am taking to support this pregnancy.

Natural Pregnancy Supplements – Prenatal Equivalent

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was taking Vitamin IQ, then I switched to Garden of Life Raw Prenatal. However, I switched from both after finding out that they both contain synthetic Vitamin K2, even though it appears it is from natural sources. I talked with Liz at Walkabout Emu and she told me about the concerns about taking synthetic Vitamin K2 in supplements, or the MK-7 form of Vitamin K2. It is outlined in this article.

MK-4 Versus MK-7

Basically, it talks about how MK-7 does not cross the placenta and that the concern about taking it is that it may cause excess calcifications in the placenta. MK-4, however, the animal form of Vitamin K2, does cross the placenta and is the preferred form of K2. Emu oil (you can use code healthbysarah for a discount code) is full of Vitamin K2 in the MK-4 form, so that I why I have been consuming 1 1/2 tsp of emu oil per day.

Prenatal Equivalent

I am also taking Catalyn (link to my practitioner’s store – 6 pills a day, split between AM and PM) for a near prenatal vitamin equivalent. The main concern I had with taking this is that it does not contain an adequate amount of folate, so I added in a folate supplement as well. Even though these are natural pregnancy supplements, you cannot out supplement a bad diet. It is best to eat a Weston A. Price pregnancy diet. This is what I aim to do every day, so the supplements I take are just to fill in any gaps in my daily diet.

Vitamin C

In addition, I am taking mega doses of Vitamin C. I am up to 8 grams per day now. The Dr. Fred Klenner protocol is 5 grams per day during the 1st trimester, 10 grams in the 2nd trimester and 15 in the 3rd trimester. I made a YouTube video including much of this research here and another one with my personal experience here. It is best to spread out your doses throughout the day and to take Vitamin C to your bowel tolerance level. This means that you take Vitamin C until you begin getting loose stools, so that you know your limit. Back off from there and you will be at the appropriate level. This is the brand I recommend (if you use my code, you can get 20% off!).


I have already talked about my progesterone supplements in another post here.

I hope you have found this information to be helpful. Let me know in the comments what natural pregnancy supplements you take!

Pregnancy Supplements I am Taking 3rd Baby


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