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Number One Morning Sickness Remedy That Worked for Me

Number One Morning Sickness Remedy that Worked for Me

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If you are anything like me (and have been pregnant), you have most likely suffered morning sickness. For me, it has been downright debilitating. From the time I start experiencing morning sickness until it ends, I can barely function unless I have someone taking care of my meals for me. I am happy to report that I have found the number one morning sickness remedy, at least that worked for me. However, many other women have reported that it has completely stopped their morning sickness as well.

I have another article written along with a YouTube video about morning sickness remedies that may work for you, especially if your morning sickness is mild. However, if yours is more severe like mine has been or even if you have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I have some remedies that are more likely to work for you! I can confidently say that this was the number one morning sickness remedy that completely stopped my sickness.

This is my third time being pregnant (I shared that we lost the last baby). Every time I have been pregnant, I have experienced pretty terrible morning sickness. I am barely able to function, let alone cook meals for our family. As I shared in the video, as soon as I would wake up for the day, I would want it to be over. I would wonder how I could make it through the day or what I would be able to eat for my next meal. This is a horrible way to live.

Number One Morning Sickness Remedy – Cocolaurin

The Pink Stork cocolaurin product was by far the number one morning sickness remedy that stopped my sickness in its tracks. Start out by swallowing one scoop with water and build up to three scoops a day. Within a couple hours of taking my first scoop, I was feeling much better. Two days after beginning to take the cocolaurin was when my morning sickness disappeared! I only had to take one scoop a day, but other women with more severe morning sickness than me may need 3 per day.

Cocolaurin is derived from monolaurin, which is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Monolaurin is found in coconut and breast milk. According to the bottle, this product helps with morning sickness, skin health, boosts immunity, reduces yeast and helps with UTIs.


Although they were not the number one morning sickness remedy, sucking on the Pink Stork candies helped to significantly reduce my nausea. It makes sense, considering what the ingredients are! Not only is there ginger, but there is 15 mg of Vitamin B6 in each candy (882% daily value)! They taste wonderful and really help to settle your stomach. Whenever I would start to feel a little bit nauseous, I would pop a candy and feel much better.


The Pink Stork tea was the first product I was able to try. It definitely was not the number one morning sickness remedy that work for me, but it did help to reduce my nausea and start functioning better. I had a really bad episode of morning sickness the day before I purchased the tea. I was still recovering from the day before, so drinking the tea helped me feel a little back to normal.

Prenatal Probiotic

I cannot verify that the Pink Stork prenatal probiotic is the number one morning sickness remedy for anyone. I did not start taking it until after I got my morning sickness under control. However, I have heard of it helping other women suffering from morning sickness. It is certainly a great companion to the other products I have mentioned. Also, it is important to take a probiotic throughout pregnancy, especially if you want to pass the Group B Strep test.

Magnesium Spray

The magnesium spray is one of the products I have not tried from Pink Stork, so I also cannot say for certain that it is the number one morning sickness remedy that works. Nevertheless, I did speak with a representative from Pink Stork and she highly recommended taking it along with the Cocolaurin and the candies or tea. I have also read from testimonials that it has helped other women halt their morning sickness. Magnesium is also great for helping you sleep, which can be hard to get enough of during pregnancy, so it is worth a shot!


I hope that you are also able to find great relief as I did if you are pregnant. As I said before, the number one morning sickness remedy that worked for me was the cocolaurin, but it is worth it to try the candies, tea, probiotic or magnesium spray to see what works for you. Please share this so that other women can benefit! So many of us suffer needlessly from morning sickness, but we don’t have to!


Number One Morning Sickness Remedy that Worked for Me

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