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8 Ways to Treat and Prevent Morning Sickness

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Well I am into my 14th week of pregnancy. Thankfully, my morning sickness is dissipating quickly! This week I want to especially share with you my experiences with morning sickness and what I have done to treat it and keep it from coming back. I am sharing some traditional knowledge along with some new information.

1. Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the number one remedy for treating morning sickness I am going to recommend. All of the other remedies below are treating the symptom and not getting to the root cause. This is why I love homeopathy! It gets to the root of the disease and cures it; that is if you find the right remedy of course!

Listed by each of the homeopathic remedies below are symptoms that fit well with the remedy. This means if you are experiencing most or all of the symptoms next to the remedy, it may be the right one for you to take.

a. Tabacum 200C – getting sick, not being able to keep food down

Tabacum 200C is the remedy I am taking and it has helped me immensely! My nausea is almost gone amazingly. I encourage you to go through each of the symptoms in this section to see which one fits you. It is my hope that one of these remedies will give you great relief

b. Nux Vomica 6C – nausea worse in the morning, vomiting small amounts of food with mucus in them

c. Ipecac 6C – non-stop nausea, everything vomited up, liquids and solids

d. Pulsatilla 6C – nausea in evening, wearing off at night

e. Ferrum 6C – nausea a few hours after eating, suddenly vomiting everything

f. Sepia 6C – vomit full of milky mucus, especially if temperament is melancholy, irritable and weepy

g. Conium 6C – breasts hard and swollen

h. Petroleum 6C – heartburn, keeping nausea at bay by constant eating, getting up at night to eat, aversion to meat and fat, cabbage aggravates symptoms

i. Arsenicum 6C – diarrhea, burning sensation in abdomen, feeling restless and exhausted

2. Sea Bands

Sea Bands are my number 2 recommendation because they have also helped me a lot. I am putting them after homeopathy because I do not think they are a cure to morning sickness, but they offer great relief to a lot of women, including myself.

Place a band around each wrist with the button placed on the middle of the inside of each arm. Point 3 of you fingers out (index, middle and ring). Place your fingers starting at the bottom of your hand in the center and the beginning of your wrist. Where your last finger lands in the center of your arm is the pressure point that relieves nausea. Make sure that the button on each band falls in this spot.

The great thing about these bands is that they can not only relieve morning sickness, but other types of nausea. This includes travel, motion sickness or even nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment and anesthesia.

3. Eat More Frequently, Eat What You’re Craving, Listen to Your Body and Meal Plan

Eating more frequently is standard advice given to pregnant women to combat nausea. I will say that it does work. It is important to keep your stomach full or at least keep it from being empty. When my stomach was nearing empty, I could feel my nausea begin to creep back.

Make sure you are really listening to your body and any cravings you may have. Eat what works for you. I do not mean that you should go to McDonald’s if you are craving it. Listen to your cravings and see if they tell you anything.

For example, some pregnant women crave pickles. If that is what you are craving, try to make sure they are made the traditional way by fermentation or make them yourself! You will experience the great benefits of probiotics.

Meal planning at least a day or two in advance helped me a lot. When I was thinking at the last minute what I wanted to eat or what I could make, it didn’t work out so well. A lot of times I ended up having to go out to eat. This is definitely something you want to avoid because it can not only get expensive, but the food at restaurants is not nearly as healthy as the food you make at home from scratch.

4. Get Fresh Air and Sunshine and Exercise

In the worst days of my nausea, something that gave me quick relief was talking a walk outside to get fresh air and sunshine. I also walked long enough and at a fast enough pace that I began sweating. The sweating made me feel rejuvenated. This made me realize even more how important exercise is during pregnancy. Make sure you sweat when you exercise!

5. Ginger

There are so many ways you can incorporate ginger into your meals and drinks. I recommend have ginger chews on hand at all times in case you feel nausea coming on. Gin-gins are the chews I have that worked well for me.

Another simple way to enjoy ginger is drinking ginger tea every day. My acupuncturist recommended I drink it first thing in the morning. It is best to use fresh ginger root.

You can also incorporate ginger into your cooking. Make a stir fry or a soup and enhance the flavor with fresh ginger. One of my favorite ways of enjoying ginger is by drinking ginger beer. It is non-alcoholic. If you make it at home the traditional way, you will reap the benefits of the fermentation along with being able to get rid of nausea.

6. Eat More Protein

This tip is directly from the Brewer diet. Dr. Brewer recommended that pregnant women consume (Source):

a daily minimum of 2600 calories, salt to taste, and 80-100 grams of protein, in addition to good amounts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.”

I found that these recommendations also helped me. That much protein is a lot, but if you shoot for eating that much, it will help you and your baby a lot. I recommend consuming that protein mostly from pasture based animal sources. Examples include pasture raised meat, wild caught fish, raw milk, whole milk yogurt, gelatin and cheese. Healthy plant sources of protein include homemade peanut butter, soaked crispy nuts and seeds, hummus or another bean based dip or just beans or lentils that have been soaked.

7. Take Vitamin B

It is said that some pregnant women have a deficiency in Vitamin B, which could be the cause of her morning sickness. I decided to take a food based Vitamin B complex by Mega. I didn’t feel like it helped me, but I have heard it has helped other women, so that is why I am including it.

8. Sip on Bone Broth and Raw Milk

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, sometimes the only thing that pregnant women suffering from nausea can consume is homemade bone broth and raw milk. Make sure you find an excellent source and farmer here. As I say in the video, make sure you really know who your farmer is and see the operation of their farm.

It is vitally important that you find a farmer who has their cows on pasture. They must use good clean practices when milking such as cleaning the utters before milking and cleaning them after milking. It is also critical that they are cleaning the equipment after every milking. Read more about safe milking practices here.

* Bonus: Powdered Fruits and Vegetables

UPDATE 6/5/18: I no longer recommend Juice Plus, but Purium’s Greens and Bio Fruit (use my code healthbysarah to get $50 or 25% off your first order! You’ll get 15% off as a returning customer or 25% off if you order within 30 days of your last order). I recommend Purium’s powdered fruits and vegetables over Juice Plus because Purium is a cleaner product, is certified organic and only contains fruits and vegetables. 

Another supplement I took that was a lifesaver was Juice Plus.  Juice Plus is a blend of 30 fruits, vegetables, berries and grains. In the worst experiences of my morning sickness, taking these pills gave me the assurance that I was getting good nutrients when I was unable to keep food down. I was barely able to think about eating vegetables without having nausea, so I was so thankful that I was able to take my produce in pill form!

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I hope that at least one of these tips you help you or someone you know with relieving morning sickness. Make sure you watch the video below to hear all of my thoughts about week 14 and morning sickness! Let me know what you want to hear about, including any questions you have in the comments below.

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