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Preschool Curriculum Update

Preschool Curriculum Update – MODG and Mater Amabilis

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I wanted to give all of you a preschool curriculum update for this school year. We have been using Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) and Mater Amabilis for our preschooler. We have completed 14 weeks so far. This week, we will take the week off since it is Thanksgiving! However, I will continue to always read great literature for my children and to get outdoor play time as well as socialization.

If I had to choose one curriculum over the other, I would say my preference is Mother of Divine Grace. That being said, they are both excellent curriculums. It really is a matter of personal preference.

Preschool Curriculum Update – MODG

In my opinion, one of the advantages of MODG is that the assignments are written out day by day in the curriculum. On one day, the instructions will be to read 4 bible stories, count on your abacus to a certain number, read from the reading list and to work on memorizing a certain poem. I am the type of person who needs structure in order to stay on a schedule. This is the biggest advantage I see with MODG.

The subject matters I left out with MODG are art, social studies and math. With social studies and math, it was mainly workbooks, so I thought that might not fit well with my daughter. I am re-thinking this though because my daughter loves to learn about math. I left out art for budgeting reasons as I had already spent hundreds of dollars, even on used books. If I were to do it all over again, I would definitely purchase the art book and the math workbooks. I can do this for my younger daughter when she reaches preschool age. The nice thing is that the vast majority of items I purchased can be used over and over again.

I did not realize until actually working with MODG curriculum that it has elements of Charlotte Mason style teaching in it. Part of the MODG curriculum has nature study in it!

One of my favorite things I purchased are the Glory Story CDs. We listen to them in the car and my daughters have been learning so much about our faith! The only downside is that the entire collection is very expensive – $200 or more. This is really what killed my budget, but it was worth it. We will be able to use these for years to come.

Mater Amabilis

As I said before, both MODG and Mater Amabilis are excellent curriculums, in my opinion. The Mater Amabilis curriculum is more laid back and gives you general guidelines week by week. This is fine for someone who can self-motivate. However, as I said before, I need more structure in order to thrive as an instructor. You could certainly write out your own curriculum day by day to help, but this is not something I wanted to do.

I love that the Mater Amabilis curriculum has nature study as well as arts and crafts written as weekly suggestions. These are very important to learn, especially for young children. What I did not realize is that MODG has nature study as part of their curriculum. They also have suggestion activities to do with young children, including arts and crafts. If I had known this before, I would have exclusively purchased MODG materials. I would have added more nature study books and continued with arts and crafts weekly.

One other thing I like about the Mater Amabilis curriculum is that they emphasize the importance of liturgical living. I am not certain if MODG does this or not, but you could certainly add this into your daily lives without purchasing Mater Amabilis recommended materials.


I hope this review has been helpful to you. As I said, the curriculum you choose is really a matter of personal preference and style. Let me know your preference in the comments!

Preschool Curriculum Update


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