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Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum Haul MODG and Mater Amabilis

Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum

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This school year, I will be officially homeschooling my oldest daughter. She is now preschool age. Recently, I purchased a preschool homeschooling curriculum. It is a combination of two official preschool curriculums: Mother of Divine Grace (MODG and Mater Amabilis).

Catholic Preschool Homeschooling Curriculums

There are so many Catholic homeschooling curriculums out there. One option is to unschool. I recently did a review of the book Homeschooling With Gentleness that covers this topic. I am very happy with the curriculums I chose. They have very rich and interesting material that can be used for years to come and passed along to subsequent children. You can find the MODG preschool homeschooling curriculum here and the Mater Amabilis curriculum here. If you want to analyze other curriculums, there are lists of Catholic ones here and here along with Catholic Heritage Curricula and Catholic Icing.

MODG and Mater Amabilis Curriculums

Although there are many Catholic curriculums to choose from, you ultimately have to choose what is best for your child and your family. I am drawn to MODG because it is a truly classical curriculum and I believe in the value of a classical education. Mater Amabilis is another curriculum I love because I have read about Charlotte Mason and read at least one of her books. Even though she was not a Catholic, she was a Christian and a very successful educator. The Mater Amabilis curriculum uses a Charlotte Mason methodology combined with Catholic theology. I am not sure if I will stick with one or the other or even move to a different curriculum later on, but I really love both at this time.

Please let me know if you have experience with either curriculum in the comments. I would love to hear about your experience with other curriculums as well!

Where to Purchase

Below is a list of great used book sites to purchase from, especially if budget is a concern. I realize you can purchase from Amazon as well, but I am doing my best to buy from other sites to not support them anymore. Find out why here.

https://ebay.us/vaIg20 (this is my affiliate link and if you purchase anything on eBay from this link, I will receive a small commission to help support this blog and my family. The price is the same to you)








Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum Haul MODG and Mater Amabilis

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