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Progesterone in Pregnancy: A Natural Way to Raise It That Actually Works!

Progesterone in Pregnancy: A Natural Way to Raise It That Actually Works!

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Raising progesterone naturally during pregnancy is a bit of mystery, even in the alternative medicine world. This has been my experience for a while. This is my forth pregnancy. I have been searching for natural ways to increase my progesterone ever since my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, I have not had much luck until now.

My History With Prescription Progesterone

I used prescription progesterone during my last pregnancy. It really was something I wanted to avoid, but I did not know what else to do. I was scared of having another miscarriage. I followed the Pope Paul VI protocol during pregnancy, under the direction of my midwives. It is unfortunate that this is the only solution known to most doctors, practitioners and individuals.

This Pregnancy

Since I have a history of low progesterone with all of my pregnancies, I decided to get my levels tested as soon as possible. My results turned out to be on the low side (at 7 weeks): a 13.1. The normal range for the first trimester is 11-44, so that number seemed scary to me. I discussed this with my husband and neither one of us knew the right answer. My homeopath gave me a remedy that may help (for my overall case). A friend of mine also suggested to eat one sweet potato a day to raise my levels. I began eating 2 per day. Soon after that, I was also told that taking emu oil may help, so I began taking 3 tsp per day (1 tsp after each meal). 

My levels increased nearly 3 points a week later, which was encouraging. I continued with the same protocol into 9 weeks and my levels only increased .2 that week. It was very discouraging and I was starting to feel hopeless. I was willing to take progesterone as a last resort to save our baby’s life, but did not know if there was another alternative. Finally, I remembered someone mentioning Standard Process supplements to me. This person had taken these supplements during pregnancy and they made her stop bleeding!

What is Working For Me

I found a practitioner to work with me. She was not able to see me right away, but she shared the pregnancy protocol with me to get started. The protocol is Standard Process Utrophin PMG – 3 pills per day and Standard Process Symplex F – 6 pills per day. It is best to split the dose in the AM and PM and take it with some food. I am only sharing this because it is my own experience and I am not offering medical advice. I highly recommend that you work with a practitioner to work out the appropriate levels for you. They can give you advice that works best for you.

After taking the pills for just one day, it was time to get my progesterone tested again. My levels increased around 3 points, more than the first week. I continued with the protocol the next week. After only following the protocol for 8-9 days, my levels increased nearly 10 points since the last time I was tested! My levels were now close to 29, a level that was already in the 2nd trimester range, which was a huge relief! This was when I was 11 weeks pregnant, so this made me comfortable enough to stop testing for the time being.

I have been experiencing more pregnancy symptoms than before, which is a good sign to me. This includes more nausea and more sleepiness. Make sure you read my post about dealing with morning sickness. I have tried nearly everything, and I finally found something that works for me and for a lot of women! My practitioner advised me to stay on the protocol for the rest of the pregnancy. I really love these supplements because they truly are natural and a very traditional way of raising your progesterone. Utrophin is made from cow uterus and Symplex F is made from cow ovaries, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands! Eating organ meats is very natural and traditional. I am all for it and for raising my progesterone in this way.

This is the reason I am writing this post and making a video so that more women can be informed about this. It is such a shame that most women think the only way to raise your progesterone is to take synthetic progesterone! I am even referring to more “natural” progesterone creams and pills that are called bio-identical. It is best to try to resolve your hormone issues in a natural way. I am not sure if your body becomes dependent on the progesterone hormones, so I am thrilled to find a natural solution.

This is a link to my Standard Process practitioner. Alternatively, you can go to the Standard Process website to find a practitioner in your area.

Progesterone in Pregnancy: A Natural Way to Raise It That Actually Works!


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