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Simple grass fed beef roast

Simple Grass Fed Beef Roast

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If you are just getting started eating a traditional foods diet, you may be a little intimidated. In the videos below, I show you how to make a simple roast in your crock pot at home. If you cannot afford to buy grass fed roast, try to get an organic roast or a better quality conventional roast. All of the other ingredients are inexpensive in this recipe.

It is worth the additional cost to buy grass fed and pastured meats. I used to say that I could not afford this way of eating, but once I started investing in real food, I spent a lot less money on doctor’s visits. I do not get sick as often and when I do get sick, I recover very quickly. I now only go to the doctor for regular check ups, which I love! You can do this too, it just takes time and patience.

Simple Grass Fed Beef Roast

Simple grass fed beef roast


  • 1 grass fed roast
  • 3-4 organic carrots, sliced
  • 1 large organic onion, sliced
  • 4 cloves organic garlic, chopped
  • Organic Italian seasoning for the roast plus 1 tbsp for the crock pot
  • 1 organic bay leaf
  • Real salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Grass fed butter or traditional fat of choice to sear the roast
  • Filtered water or beef broth to fill up the crock pot


  1. Heat up a large skillet with butter.
  2. Add the sliced carrots, onions and garlic to caramelize them.
  3. Season them with sea salt and pepper.
  4. While the vegetables are cooking, add sea salt, pepper and Italian seasoning on each side of the roast.
  5. Add the roast into the pan and sear it on every side (about 4 minutes on each side) to lock in the flavor. Pour everything into the pan from the plate because that is all flavor.
  6. When the vegetables start to soften, add them to the crock pot.
  7. Once the roast is seared on all sides, add it to the crock pot.
  8. Fill up the crock pot with water or beef broth to cover the roast and vegetables.
  9. Add bay leaf, 1 tbsp Italian seasoning and the rest of the salt to the crock pot.
  10. Cover and set on low for several hours. Follow your slow cooker instructions for how long to leave on low. Serve and enjoy!
  11. Variations: Add root vegetables of choice to the slow cooker before cooking like organic potatoes, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, etc. These vegetables are not allowed on the GAPS diet, but will make the soup heartier for those who can eat those vegetables. You could also add squash like butternut squash, zucchini, delicata or other squashes to the soup to add more carbohydrates to the dish, which are allowed on GAPS. If you are adding more vegetables, you will need additional seasoning, so make sure you season it to taste!

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