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Spanish Children's Book Haul

Spanish Children’s Book Haul

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I made a large Spanish children’s book haul this week. Spanish children’s books are something I always have my eye out for. A couple days ago, I was running some errands and came by a used book store I had never been inside. Since we were already in the parking lot, I decided to check it out.

I am continuously trying to build a classic children’s book collection for our kids. Sometimes libraries do not have the books you are looking for. It is also nice to have these books on hand if you are homeschooling or if you want to keep reading them to your children. It was so nice that I had the opportunity to make a large Spanish children’s book haul. Please watch my YouTube video to see all the books I purchased, including classic children’s books like Corduroy.

If it is important to you to teach a second language to your child, an easy way is to read them books in that language. Children’s books usually use language that is more common. In my opinion, this is a better method of teaching a foreign language, as opposed to following a set of vocabulary or sentences chosen in a language book.

My favorite Spanish children’s books are the bilingual ones so I can be sure I am translating correctly. If you are still trying to build your vocabulary and do not mind writing in your book, I recommend looking up words you are uncertain about and writing the English word underneath it in the text. Writing in a notebook is also acceptable. I have only written in the text a couple times when the vocabulary is very obscure and I know I probably will not remember the meaning the next time.

On the topic of classic children’s books, some groups are trying to censor classic fairy tales. I encourage you to watch this interview with Matt Fradd and Sean Fitzpatrick. They discuss the importance of teaching our children the uncensored classic fairy tales.

Let me know in the comments your tips on finding classic children’s books on a budget!

Spanish Children's Book Haul

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