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Toxic Chinese Food? How to Obtain Truly Healthy Food

Toxic Chinese Food? How to Obtain Truly Healthy Food

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Have you heard about the slew of toxic Chinese food coming into our country lately? It is only getting worse, but thankfully, there are some good solutions.

Why Avoid Toxic Chinese Food?

There are little to no regulations in China. Even if the product you are purchasing says certified USDA organic, it may not be trustworthy. Some companies may have paid to illegally obtain organic certification in China.

Another reason there is a lot of toxic Chinese food is because China is one of the worst offenders in the world for pollution. Their soil is contaminated with cadmium, lead arsenic and even rocket fuel, to mention a few things. There is also the concern of corruption from the Chinese government. China is more concerned with concealing scandals than admitting they have toxic food.

The final point I want to make here is that we need to vote with our dollars. Purchasing toxic Chinese food, even if it is cheap, is supporting practices and policies that those of us who want to eat a healthy diet want to completely avoid. 


I always recommend reading ingredient labels for any food products you purchase. However, it is important to go one step further and read where the product/food was grown. Unfortunately, congress reversed the requirement to have a country of origin on the label, so it is up to the company to decide. Even worse: you may not be able to trust the country of origin label, more specifically for beef and pork. If you must purchase meat from the grocery store, Niman Ranch is a high quality brand made from pigs raised in the US. Another certification that is very high quality is the Oregon Tilth Certification

Azure Standard is a company that has rigorous standards for the products they carry. The country of origin is listed for every product. Many of the products they carry go beyond organic practices and/or biodynamic practices.

Find local farmers and farmer markets in your area to avoid toxic Chinese food and source healthy local food! Health food stores are also a great resource as they know where their products are sourced from or can inquire.

Finally, I would recommend growing as much of your own food as you are able. I believe it is always good to try to become less reliant on the systems around us, especially if anything were to go wrong (job loss, etc.).

Please let me know in the comments if you have some good tips too!


Below are some great resources for sourcing healthy food:


Find a Weston A. Price chapter leader: https://secure.westonaprice.org/cvweb_weston/cgi-bin/utilities.dll/openpage?wrp=chapter_dir.htm




Toxic Chinese Food? How to Obtain Truly Healthy Food


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