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Treating Covid Naturally

Treating Covid Naturally

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My family recently recovered from Covid. We were treating Covid naturally at home and were successful with that, so I wanted to share our experience. I am not offering medical advice, but simply sharing what my family did in the hopes that it helps someone.

Our Symptoms – Treating Covid Naturally

My husband got sick first. He thought it was a sinus infection for a little while, but then took a test and tested positive for Covid-19. He has taken the test several times over the past year and a half and tested negative every other time. I mention this since I know that the test is not always completely reliable, but it seems to have been reliable for him. Around the same time, close family members had the same symptoms and one of them tested positive, but the other tested negative. These family members had already been vaccinated. It is strange to me that they shared the same symptoms, but only one of them tested positive.

Day 1

Another strange occurrence to me is that my oldest daughter and I got sick 6 days after my husband. My daughter began complaining of mucus in her throat one morning. She also complained about being tired all day, which is not something she normally does. By the afternoon, her eyes were very droopy and she was ready to go to sleep. I encouraged her to try to make it through the day and that we would go to bed early. That same afternoon, I began feeling sick. I had a little mucus in my throat and my head hurt terribly. I was ready to go to sleep or lay down. I was trying to make it as long as I could through the day because if my youngest takes a nap too late, she will not go to bed. My oldest no longer takes naps. My oldest and I both felt warm.

That afternoon, I increased my normal Vitamin C intake and began taking Zinc. I also had bone broth, fermented honey garlic, ginger tea and took elderberry syrup several times and also gave that to my children. In addition, I did a nasal sinus rinse. We also went outside for about 10 minutes in the sunlight. I would have stayed out longer, but I couldn’t stand to stand very long and just wanted to rest inside. Speaking of resting, that is mostly what my husband did to successfully recover. He just slept a lot longer than he normally does. He also consumed more Vitamin C, took Zinc and Vitamin D and spent time in the sunlight.

The first night, my oldest and I definitely had fevers. I was freezing when I got in bed. Eventually I woke up wanting to kick off all the blankets I had because I was burning up, but also wanted to keep them on because I was cold. My fever and my daughter’s fever broke the next morning, day 2. On this day, my daughter seemed almost back to normal. She was complaining about her throat hurting a little bit and a little cough, but that was about it. She was back to playing like normal. My youngest got some congestion in her nose on day 2 and felt a little warm, but that was the extent of her symptoms. They had mostly disappeared by day 2 for her.

Day 2

The second day was definitely better symptom wise for me. I still had a headache and was a little warm. Those were the worst of my symptoms. I also had congestion and some coughing, that felt like an asthma cough. My headache was the worst symptom and still hurt pretty badly. The 2nd day, treating Covid naturally, I dramatically increased my dosage of Zinc and spent 30 minutes to an hour outside in the direct sunlight. Both of these things made me feel immensely better. I felt when I was drinking the Zinc that was helping me improve. The mistake I made on the first day was not taking enough Vitamin C, Zinc and not spending enough time in the sun. It is recommended to take Vitamin C when you are sick to bowel tolerance, and I did not do that. The longer I stayed in the sun, the more my headache disappeared.

Day 3

I had been gradually improving every day, little by little. I kept taking high doses of Zinc, elderberry syrup, Vitamin C and spent 30 minutes to one hour outside in the direct sunlight. Again, that time in the sunlight kept on taking my headache away. Although I was improving every day, it really was not fast enough. My mom encouraged me to call our family homeopath to nip this in the bud. We have discussed many times that it is very important to treat Covid early, especially if you do not want your symptoms to turn severe or have long term symptoms.

Treating Covid Naturally – My Personal Homeopathic Protocol

After describing my symptoms, my homeopath recommended I take one dose of Phosphorus 200C and see if I improved (keep in mind with classical homeopathy, that it is very individual. This was the remedy he recommended for ME based on MY symptoms. You may need a different remedy than me, so I recommend working with a classical homeopath. Homeopathy has had great success over the past 2 years treating Covid naturally). He was confident this would work, based on my symptoms. He said that I could take it one more time that night if things began to stagnate and another time the next morning for the same reason, but not to take it more than 3 times in a 24 hour period. Within 30 minutes of taking the remedy, I began to feel more energetic. I also gave a dose to my husband to see if it would help. Sure enough, he also began to feel more energetic. I did take another dose that night because my symptoms began to return. However, that day, I felt 90% better from what I had been feeling! I took another dose the following night and another the night after that because I still had symptoms. This was actually a bad idea because the next day after my forth dose I had what I can only describe was brain fog! I had some sort of blockage in my head that was making me move slowly and not function properly. I wrote to my homeopath and he told me that I had taken the remedy too many times! Sure enough, he was right because after taking a break from the remedy, my brain fog began to clear and eventually disappear.

That week I still had lingering symptoms of congestion and a little cough. On day 8 after getting sick, I spoke with our homeopath and he advised me to take one dose of Sulphur 30C because it is a good remedy for a cold that will not go away. My symptoms definitely improved, but I still have a cough here and there, weeks later. This is gradually improving with experimenting with my new chronic homeopathic remedy. I guess it sometimes takes time to get rid of all of your symptoms. 

A friend of mine who is a chiropractor shared with me this Covid-19 protocol below. She linked to this integrative medicine page.

Treating Covid Naturally – Integrative Medicine Protocol:

I hope my timeline makes sense to all of you. If you have any questions about what we did, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about your experience with Covid!

Treating Covid Naturally

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